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Our Teachers...

Our teachers are all native English speakers and experienced in the field of early childhood education or working with children. All teachers are expected to be qualified at minimum early years certificate level up to degree qualified individuals. The lack of early years qualified staff in Doha means a struggle to ensure all teachers are degree qualified. Therefore, we offer in-house training to staff as well as professional development courses to ensure they are all well versed in the early years. Aside from placing importance on qualifications, we regard solid experience highly as well as the genuine interest in the development and well-being of children aged 0-5 years. 

Anzelle Beyers.jpg

Anzelle Beyres  -  Owls Oak Tree


Anzelle has moved from South Africa to Qatar with her family in 2002. She has a little one called Amikelle who is turning three in December.

Prior to Anzelle joining Kangas Pouch she has over 3 years experience teaching pre school aged children. She loves working with our little ones and believes that it is priceless to have an impact on any of our little ones. Anzelle has been teaching our 2-3 yr olds for the past two years and is now promoted to teaching our 3-4year olds the academic year.

She enjoys teaching our Owls Oak Tree and enjoying all the smiles, giggles and quality time there.

“Teaching children how to grow into the world touches one’s life forever.” 



Fathima Azhar - Rabbits Residence

Fathima joined us in December 2018. A qualified early years teacher she brings a huge amount of teaching experience from the previous nursery where she worked for 6 years. 

Fathima moved to Qatar from Sri Lanka in 2011 with her husband and has two boys. Since joining Kangas she has such a strong bond with the little ones in her class. She is adored by all of them.


“Early years education is one of the most exciting and rewarding occupations. As an early years teacher you can help to transform children’s lives and play an instrumental role in helping to prepare them for learning and later life.“  


Nitu Kapoor  - Tiggers Turf/Roos Retreat


Nitu came to Qatar in 2006. She lives her with her husband and her little one Ahana. She loves children of all ages and the kids adore her warmth everyday she brings to the classroomShe loves to have the little babies dancing and playing (Actually she loves that too!) and this is rubbing of all the teachers and staff. In the short time with us she has already set a high level of activities and fun play that helps develop our little one’s every week

“Educating the youngest class of early years is a important stage in a young child’s development. Creating experiences and awareness of the new world to help guide them through this vast world is critical to a child’s development mentally and socially. We thrive on this and want to make the introduction to this amazing bubble a memorable one. 

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