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Our Teaching Assistants...

Our teaching assistants often have the trickiest work in the sense that it varies so much. Whilst they assist teachers and support teachers in the day to day running of the classroom, they are also responsible for much of the in-class administrative work. They create close bonds with the children much like any other staff member and bring with them experience in nurseries from either Doha or abroad. Teaching assistants are also either certified in early years education or in the process of obtaining certifications in the field. 

Fercia Ismael.jpg

Fercia Ismael - Lead TA Owls Oak Tree


Fercia is such a sweet addition to Kanga's! Her calm and quiet personality is perfect for the nursery. Originally from the Philippines she has four siblings. Fercia first moved to Doha in 2008 and met and married her husband.


Fercia has a background in computer science and she  is now in her 3rd year here at Kanga’s we hope to keep her for many more years to come.

Laila Estella.jpg

Laila Estella - Owls Oak Tree  TA

Laila is friendly and gets along amazingly with children. Her dedication to work reflects in the ease with which she bonds with the class. A genuine and honest person, she makes a valuable addition to the nursery.

Marites Morlaes.jpg

 Marites Morales - Lead  TA  Rabbits Residence


Marites joined the nursery a year ago now and she is such a valuable member of our team. She has developed special bonds with all the children.


She has lived in Qatar for 12 years with her husband. She has a 22-year-old son who is back in the Philippines. Although Marites hasn’t had any previous experience of working in nursery’s she has adapted and learnt so much in the year she has been here.


Henalyen Abdulhasad - Rabbits Residence  TA


Hena is nicknamed our baby whisperer. She has such a calming effect on our little ones, and children settle very quickly with her. She is the 4th child of 13, and all of her siblings are currently in the Philippines.

She is married and lives with her husband her and her new born baby.

Our little ones always enjoy story time with Mrs Hena and the often bring their favorite book for her to read.

Sarada Gregorio.jpg

 Sarada Gregorio - Lead  TA  Tiggers Turf


Sarada is such an energetic and bubbly member of our team here at Kanga’s. She lives here in Doha with her sister and her family and has been here for 2 years. Originally from the Philippines she has 2 daughters aged 12 & 5 who are with Sarada’s husband and his family back home. Children enjoys spending time playing with Sarada as they are fascinated by the fact she is always full of energy.

Christina Sainas.jpg

Cristina Salinas - Tiggers Turf   TA

Cristina first began working at Kanga’s soon after our doors opened. Originally from the Philippines, Cristina is a registered Midwife whose gentle, warm and caring nature has seen her build very close bonds with the little ones in Piglets Pad. She lives in Doha with her husband Nestor a Paramedic for Hamad Hospital.


Bainarie Lao On.jpg

Bainarie Lao-on    Tiggers Turf   TA


Bainarie is an active member of the team. Her quiet and reserved nature does not stop her enthusiasm towards work which can be seen in the way children are attached to her. Her patience makes her the perfect choice to work with our tiny tots.

Fauzia Sadjail.jpg

Fauzia Sadjail -  Tiggers Turf   TA


Fauzia graduated as a midwife. She has been in Doha for almost 10 years and has worked in early years education for almost 4 years. Originally from the Philippines, Fauzia lives in Doha with her husband and young son. She is one of the quieter members of our team who enjoys good movies and spending time with loved ones.

Mariam Lomondot.jpg

Mariam Lomondot - Lead  TA  Roos Retreat


Mariam is an incredibly warm and caring mum who joined Kanga’s soon after we opened our doors. Originally from the Philippines, she gained much of her experience from raising two wonderful young men and has a background in business and finance. Mariam is a natural with our little ones which is why she is our lead T.A. in Roos Retreat. She brings a motherly presence to the class with her calm and passive approach to every situation.

Jane Njoki.jpg

Jane Njoki  - Roos Retreat  TA


Jane is a hard working member of the staff. Her hands-on and positive approach with the children makes her a valuable asset to the nursery. Jane supports her children who are back home in Kenya whose education is what she strives for by her unwavering commitment to the nursery.

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